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America’s prominent families don’t turn to a single investment resource, insurance agent, or accountant to manage the complexities of their wealth. Instead, they rely on a strategic alliance—often within a family office—made up of a group of elite advisors who augment each other’s capabilities and who build and protect wealth according to their client’s vision.

That’s the quality and expertise that business owners, professionals, and their families receive from Froehlich Financial Group. This is how we give families the level of wealth management services usually reserved for institutions. And this is how we provide them tax planning that matches their needs.

Tax planning, like any other type of planning, is most effective when designed within the context of an overall wealth management focus. This prevents well-intentioned tax strategies from having unintended and undesired consequences on other aspects of your wealth.

For example, transitioning too many assets out of your estate to reduce estate taxes can hamper your ability to generate the income you may need to maintain a certain lifestyle during retirement. Or deferring income for AMT purposes to the point that prevents needed liquidity for emergency purposes.

This is one area where working with strategic partners can optimize results. At Froehlich Financial Group, our primary concern is to make all components of wealth management work optimally for you.

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