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Advisory Roles

We serve families. We can be your Chief Advisor or a Trusted Collaborator.

When people look for advisors, they typically have a picture in their mind’s eye of one advisor meeting with one client. That’s because traditional advisors focus on a single client’s objectives, goals, and desires. We go a step further. Because each individual is part of a family, we provide access to the broad spectrum of services a family of wealth needs. We go beyond traditional wealth management and legacy planning to discover what, in your view, the money is there to do for you and for your family.

Client Centered

Our goal is to be either your chief advisor for life or a close collaborator with the family advisor you’ve trusted for years. We work with other advisors whom you trust to provide the consistent, top level service you expect. We also consider ourselves your partner in wealth management so that we stay in sync with your family culture and your family’s changing needs. This means that we measure results from your perspective, not ours. Our role either as your chief advisor or trusted advisor collaborator is to make your life simpler and the gift of wealth more enjoyable.

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