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Integrated Services

Integrated Services, as You Would Find in a Family Office.

A family office level of service means much more than just offering a bundled group of planning services. In a traditional family office, the family has assembled a team of personal advisors who work in close proximity. This gives them access to each other on a regular basis so that the work one advisor does for the family complements the work done by the rest of the advisory team.

Client Centered

This integration of professional services also lets the family see how the work in one area of wealth management—such as tax, estate planning, ownership structures, or philanthropy—will affect all other aspects.

Just as a family office executive would, we coordinate and monitor your team of advisors so that each best-of-breed advisor focuses on utilizing his or her expertise in the most optimal way, fully attuned to your family’s needs and culture.

Integrated Planning Services

Our planning services are designed with your particular needs as the foundation. What good is any type of plan unless it is based on a thorough knowledge of your personal goals and the goals of your family?

That’s why we partner with external experts to ensure that the financial goals we identify authentically reflect the personal goals that lie beneath. We look beyond the financial goals you may have identified because we want to know what makes that particular goal of value to you.

By diving deeper into each of these areas of expertise and functioning within each as part of a larger, comprehensive strategy, we enhance your ability to reach your goals. Come explore with us and we’ll show you how effective this approach can be.

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