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Business Succession

You’ve worked hard. You’ve built a successful business. It’s provided an exceptional lifestyle for your family. It’s given you immense self-fulfillment and satisfaction. And it’s enabled you to benefit others through job creation and community involvement.

  • After everything you’ve sacrificed and invested into your business, who will you trust to take it over?
  • What would happen to your business if you became disabled?
  • What if something unexpectedly happened to you?
Family Leadership Succession

Family Leadership Succession

This is where being prepared is of utmost importance. Succession planning is also vital to the sustainability of your family’s wealth. It should be done early so that your family doesn’t have to worry. If a family member wishes to take the reins, preparation well in advance will make sure transition flows smoothly.

Succession planning is another area where more robust planning can be a vital risk management tool, enhancing the multi-generational longevity of your wealth. Froehlich Financial Group and American Executive Benefits provide the tools you need to secure the future of both your business and your family.

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